VAT Advice

ETC Tax provides practical and effective specialist VAT advice to help businesses and their advisers reduce the burden of VAT.

We pride ourselves in making complex VAT issues understandable.

We have many years’ experience helping clients navigate through the complexities of VAT, whether generating VAT savings or helping with VAT compliance and VAT processes.

Our VAT team is headed by an ex-big 4/HMRC specialist with over 30 years’ experience.

Because VAT is a tax on transactions, it impacts almost all businesses, charities and other organisations, even those that aren’t VAT registered.   We therefore advise on the VAT treatment of all types of transaction and the recovery of VAT on related costs. We have extensive knowledge of VAT schemes, special VAT accounting methods and VAT compliance matters, and regularly help clients through HMRC enquiries.

We also provide advice on other indirect taxes such as Customs Duties, which will increasingly apply to UK businesses as the UK completes its exit from the EU.

There are countless ways to improve a business’s VAT position. Some require careful planning but many are relatively straightforward. Many VAT reliefs are either unknown to businesses or not utilised because they are considered too complicated. We pride ourselves in being able to simplify complex VAT issues and unlock VAT opportunities for our clients.

VAT Rules – Not Such a Simple Tax

Bread + Some Other Strange VAT Rules In 1972, when preparing the British people for the introduction of VAT, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber famously described it 

HMRC Withdraw the VAT Retail Export Scheme

HMRC quietly removes valuable tourism VAT relief whilst heralding the return of the beloved duty-free This week HMRC have announced the withdrawal of the VAT retail export scheme… The announcement 

Beware the Pitfalls of the VAT Capital Goods Scheme

While looking at the ever-changing Manchester skyline, it occurred to me that how VAT applies to property transactions is probably the single area of VAT on which we provide the 

VAT & Hospitality – is a temporary measure enough?

COVID 19 VAT Cuts & Hospitality The Chancellor has announced that the 5% reduced rate of VAT will temporarily apply to certain services provided by the hospitality sector, from next 

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