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  • Sarah Aston

    Marketing Coordinator

    Sarah has overall responsibility for the day to day co-ordination of the firm’s marketing activities.

    “First impressions count which is why you need to get your branding just right”

    As ETC’s Marketing Co-ordinator, Sarah has overall responsibility for the day to day co-ordination of the firm’s marketing activities, including social media, event organisation, and client communications.

    Sarah has an interest in all aspects of marketing and particularly enjoys the branding and events side of the role, as well as developing her skills on social media, especially LinkedIn.

    Life before ETC

    Before joining ETC Tax, Sarah’s previous roles included working as a communications assistant for one of the world’s leading providers of engineered technology engineering, and working as a management assistant for a UK Sales department.

    Why a career in marketing?

    After university I joined an agricultural firm, my first job in marketing. I loved how varied the role was; from exhibitions to brochure design. From there, I moved to an engineering firm to gain experience globally, working internationally on all customer facing communications. The experience working with and in different countries brought me great opportunities and I got to see places I perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise. The variety in the role that marketing offers, for me is what makes it a great choice of career.

    My best (and worst) bits

    I like to think I am a fun (don’t take myself to seriously) honest and loyal person who tries to support people where possible, although I am sure some would say I interfere but I like to think I’m just being helpful!!.

    Talking too much, or is it just me being friendly……

    Three words to describe ETC

    Team; Innovative; Inclusive.

    Alternative career choice

    Own a (small) farm and run the onsite cafe.


    Exhibitions and events are my main background so being organised is key. Making sure nothing is left behind and every option is accounted for, to do lists are my best friend!

    Social media has become a huge part of my role so not quite an expert (yet) but posting on LinkedIn has become a huge part of the strategy at ETC Tax.

    In marketing no day is the same so I always have to be ready to prioritise and meet the deadline given from many different members of the team.

    I believe  above all in marketing you have to be personable, you tend to work across the business with many different personalities and many different types of clients all with different goals. So for me working on projects mainly customer facing I know that as long as you have a good relationship with people the rest will come!!!