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  • Jake Simmonds

    Tax Adviser

    Relatively new mathematics graduate, who has a real interest in finance. Currently self-teaching, mathematical finance as well as accounting, economics and of course Tax.

    Besides finance, I also have a real interest in programming and computer security, in particular cryptography having written my dissertation on the subject. Outside of more technical fields, I’m a strong advocate for better mental health and enjoy reading about psychoanalysis and mindfulness.  In my spare time I enjoy photography in particular buildings and strange and wonderful things, as well as hiking around tut hills and the occasional baking.

    Why a career in tax?

    I enjoy the world of finance and tax plays an incredibly important role in that arena, not to mention our society as a whole. It is an interesting field, It is both complex and technical and has great historical depth, It is these qualities which I enjoy the most In a given subject.

    Tax is constantly evolving, therefore I believed it would consistently challenge me and provide new learning opportunities on a daily basis. 

    I am highly motivated in helping others to achieve the best results. Therefore, by helping clients to navigate the complex tax world I think it will be very rewarding on a personal and professional level.


    My best (and worst) bits

    I am very enthusiastic and excitable and like to think I am quite personable and approachable. Not to mention I have a really strong work ethic.

    On occasion I can get lost in my ideas and the subjects which I love.

    Three words to describe ETC

    Supportive, Friendly, Knowledgeable

    Alternative career choice

    An academic living in ivory towers.