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  • Alexander Wilson

    Tax Manager

    Alex has developed a strong specialisation in all matters IR35 and off-payroll and has a keen interest in HMRC investigations.

    “Tax and revenue law provide for the intellectual challenges wished-for”

    Alexander is a barrister and a chartered tax adviser. He joined ETC in July 2020.

    Alexander has developed a strong specialisation in all matters IR35 and off-payroll and has a keen interest in HMRC investigations at all levels (previous experience really coming into play, here) and the peculiar world of cryptocurrencies, finding the answers to the interesting problems posed there.

    With a strong background in court advocacy, Alexander is well-placed to advise on and represent clients at the tax tribunals.

    Alexander is happiest when delving into the deepest and darkest technical issues of a problem and brings his long experience of working with the law to bear on tax problems of every kind.

    Alexander enjoys swinging a circa. 14th -century German two-handed longsword at historical European martial arts (HEMA) lessons. He also likes cooking and brewing ciders and wines. He does not admit to owning a still.

    Life before ETC

    As a lad, I dreamed of being Rumpole of the Bailey and set my sights on the criminal Bar. I read law at St. Aidan’s College, Durham University before passing the Bar finals and then completing pupillage in a leading set of criminal barristers (now 23 Essex Street).

    After returning to the town in Kent where I was schooled, I joined Maidstone Chambers as a tenant barrister for 8 years in general common law practice, with a strong focus on criminal law.

    For the next 9 years, I joined the Crown Prosecution Service and there gained a wealth of experience in many areas, including management, specialising in complex fraud and other larger, more serious cases in the Crown Court.

    Why a career in tax?

    After nearly twenty years in crime, I was looking for something new. Tax and revenue law provide for the intellectual challenges wished-for. I also enjoy the challenge in an area where the State enjoys all but unlimited power over individuals and businesses (as is the case in the criminal field) and helping to temper that and achieve fairness for my clients.

    My best (and worst) bits

    Best bits – being challenged intellectually, erudite word-smithery, my sword

    Worst bits – organisation, fierce addiction to Pepsi Max, my swordsmanship

    Three words to describe ETC

    Pretty damned smart.

    Alternative career choice

    I am already on career #2. In twenty or so years’ time, do not be surprised if I reinvent myself as an astrophysicist, medical doctor, theoretical mathematician, gentleman jewel-thief, economist, politician or distiller of fine spirits (the latter of which I have no experience. None).