Slide Private Client Tax Tax on Cryptocurrency


The rapid growth in cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology has seen an influx of new cryptocurrency business, traders and investors which has attracted significant attention from HMRC and other tax authorities worldwide.

As a result, HMRC are actively enquiring into crypto businesses, traders and investors to ensure that all individuals and businesses involved in cryptocurrency pay their fair share. Ensuring cryptocurrency businesses, traders and investors are structured properly is paramount to keeping tax efficient and remaining compliant with HMRC.

Having a tax specialist who is experienced with the issues relating to cryptocurrency business, traders and investors can offer you peace of mind. We ensure that your affairs are structured properly, are compliant with HMRC and can help resolve any HMRC investigations, allowing you to focus on your business or investments.

Cryptocurrency investors, traders and businesses need to remain compliant with HMRC as HMRC are enquiring into cryptocurrency-based activities. ETC Tax have helped numerous clients keep tax efficient and compliant so get in touch!


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