Tax Investigations

In recent years HMRC has sought to significantly increase its counteraction of both tax avoidance and evasion. In so doing, HMRC has equipped itself with an armoury of powers to assist itself, whilst at the same time encroaching on taxpayers’ rights and freedoms.

Navigating through an investigation, whether a standard enquiry or a complex COP9 investigation, requires specialist advice from the start to finish. Specifically, both in relation to ensuring that HMRC is exercising its powers correctly and also ensuring that taxpayers have the most accurate and practical advice throughout to resolve matters in an efficient and practical manner.

HMRC has increased its aggressive approach in seeking to tackle tax avoidance and evasion in recent years and we believe that this is an area that will only continue to expand moving forward.

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IR35 GSK: HMRC prescribes bad medicine to off-payroll workers   The rain showers are now more frequent, the tans are starting to fade and both children and adults alike are 

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