Loan Charge APPG re. Lords Economic Affairs Inquiry in to Promoters


Andy Wood

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Submission to Loan Charge APPG – re Lords Economic Affairs inquiry in to Promoters

I was asked by the Loan Charge APPG to provide some input regarding their response to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Sub Committee inquiry into promoters.

This, of course, is a further instalment of the loan charge saga. Having provided many responses, submissions and letters to politicians in relation to this matter, I expect this to be, once again, the equivalent of relieving oneself in to Storm Alex.

As such, I have ignored the structure, or any particular questions, posed by the inquiry and decided to freestyle.

It may not achieve any more than making me feel a little better and filling up some space on this blog!

It should be noted that these ideas have been shared with HMRC, various MPs – both pre and post December 2019 – and Mr Sunak himself.

Here is a link to my letter. Please let me know if you have any comments or observations.


If you have any queries about this blog, or the loan charge in general, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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