Buying / Selling a Company

For many entrepreneurs, selling a company is a once in a lifetime event whereas others may be serial investors. For both, it is important that you have confidence in your advisers to guide through what can at sometimes be a complex and stressful process.

At ETC Tax we have a highly experienced team who form part of the overall ‘deal team’. We work with other advisers e.g. lawyers and corporate financiers to maximise value for our clients. Our role structuring the transaction and managing the tax risk is often one of the key issues – other than the price!

Entrepreneurs Relief Sale of Business / Part of a Business

Entrepreneurs Relief – Sale of Business & Part of a Business – Introduction As discussed in other articles in this signpost, Entrepreneurs Relief is an incredibly attractive relief for those 

Entrepreneurs Relief Changes for Shareholders

Entrepreneurs Relief Changes for Shareholders – Background Important changes were made to Entrepreneurs Relief in respect of disposals that took place either: From 29 October 2018 onwards – a change 

Entrepreneurs Relief & Trading Companies

Entrepreneurs Relief & Trading Companies – An Introduction As stated above, in order to obtain Entrepreneurs Relief,  on the sale of shares / securities, then the company must be a 

Entrepreneurs Relief – What is a Personal Company?

Entrepreneurs Relief – what is a personal company? — Introduction A key definition for Entrepreneurs Relief purposes in relation to shares is that of personal company. A company will satisfy 

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