You must complete and submit a personal tax return for the tax year 6 April 2019 to 6 April 2020.
If you fall into one of the below categories:


Sole Trader

You are self-employed as a sole trader



You are a partner in a partnership business



You are a company director and you have income that is not taxed under PAYE



You have an annual income of £100,000 or more before tax


Untaxed Income

You have untaxed income eg, interest, dividends or rental profits


Foreign Income

You have taxable foreign income


Child Benefit Payments

You or your partner receive child benefit and your income is over £50,000


Trust Income

You receive income from a trust or you receive income from the estate of a deceased person


Capital Disposals

You dispose of an asset(s) and you have capital gains and/or losses arising

There may be other reasons why a tax return is required and if you are unsure of your position, please do get in touch.

How can ETC Tax help me? 

Our dedicated and professional advisors are on hand ready to help you with your Self-Assessment tax return obligations. 

We appreciate that completing a tax return can sometimes be a complex and stressful task and failing to comply with the rules can result in substantial penalties charged by HMRC. Our specialist tax compliance team have a wealth of experience in preparing tax returns and liaising with HMRC and can work with you to ensure that your tax return is complete and correct, whilst also ensuring that you are maximising, and most importantly claiming, the reliefs available to you.   

What do your personal tax return compliance services include? 

Our self-assessment tax return service will include: 

• A designated advisor who will be your first point of call to deal with any queries;

• Liaising with third parties to collate tax return information (if required);

• Preparation of annual tax return;

• Advising on any available reliefs to minimise your income tax or capital gains tax liability;

• Calculating your tax liabilities and advising on payment due dates;

• Submission of the tax return to HMRC;

• Tax payment forecasts;

• Checking PAYE coding notices;

• Dealing with HMRC in respect of any queries raised* 

Our fees for the tax return preparation start from £750 plus VAT and will vary based on the complexities of each individual case. We are able to give a fixed fee quote upfront once we have a full understanding of your personal tax affairs.

Our support doesn’t have to end there, we are also able to keep you up to date on UK tax changes and advise how these may impact you. We can also assist with wider tax planning, whether this is succession planning and your inheritance tax position, advice regarding leaving or/moving to the UK or advice regarding tax-efficient investments. At ETC Tax we are able to offer a range of tax services to suit your personal needs and objectives. 

What if I am a non-UK resident or non- UK domiciled individual?

If you are not resident in the UK you may still have a tax return filing requirement if you are in receipt of UK income. There are also special tax rules for those individuals who are resident in the UK but are non-domiciled overseas and special tax return reporting may be required.  

The taxation of non-resident and/or non-domiciled individuals is complex and so specialist advice should always be taken. At ETC Tax we can help review your residence status in line with HMRC’s ‘Statutory Residence Test’ and advise on any UK reporting requirements and also provide advice on your domicile position to conclude whether the special tax rules will apply. 

Get in touch today with ETC Tax and allow us to deal with your Self-Assessment tax return obligations on your behalf. 

* Fees for this work may be charged on a separate basis depending on the nature and the complexity of HMRC’s enquiry.

The deadline for submitting your 2019/20 tax return to HMRC, and paying any tax owed, is 31 January 2021.

Tax returns: HMRC clamps down on ‘careless’ city tax errors

Tax returns: HMRC clamps down on ‘careless’ city tax errors “To err”, wrote the English poet Alexander Pope, “is human”. Glancing over the latest HMRC annual report, which was published 

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