Research and Development

If your company is liable for corporation tax, or would be if it were making a profit, you may be able to reduce your tax bill, or receive a refund from HMRC, through the Research and Development tax relief scheme.

Tax relief for qualifying expenditure on Research and Development is incredibly attractive and certainly worth exploring. The process of accessing the generous tax reliefs can, however, seem daunting.

The eligibility criteria are far from straightforward, and there is no room for error when making your claim to HMRC.

Research and development relief is available to any business, which seeks to improve any process – not only businesses employing armies of scientists in white coats!

Is your business taking advantage of research and development tax relief?

Research & Development (R&D): Is your (or your Client’s) company missing out on valuable tax relief?

Introduction For many years there has been the misconception that only companies involved in cutting edge technologies could make claims under the UK’s Research & Development Tax Relief (“R&D”) scheme. 

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