Property Tax

The UK property market remains a popular activity for both UK and non-UK based entrepreneurs and investors. However, the property market also provides a substantial income stream from the UK government Property tax provides a substantial income stream for the UK government.

With so much focus on the property market, the tax rules remain ever shifting as the market develops and to incentivise certain behaviours. It has become a hugely complex areas with factors determining your tax position ranging from the type of property, the structure used to hold and enter into property transactions.

With that in mind, individuals and businesses need to review their structures in strategies to navigate unfavourable property taxes and maximise any opportunities where possible. Taxation is a significant expense in any property transaction and planning and reviewing your position can change the economics of any property-related activity. This applies across the board for both UK and non-UK residents who are involved in any form of property transaction in the UK.

The rules have never been more complex, requiring professional advice to ensure compliance while managing tax liability through effective planning.


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