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Capital gains tax

There are many capital gains tax scenarios which may present in an individual’s lifetime; but with more and more people branching out into all sorts of investments, the demand for professional advisers to assist with what are often very complex capital gains tax calculations is likely to increase. A regular review of your client’s assets and a full understanding of planned disposals is crucial.

ETC Tax have significant experience in relation to both planning to make disposals as tax efficiently as possible; and assisting clients with complex CGT calculations.

Inheritance tax and estate planning

Inheritance tax has the potential take a considerable proportion of an individual’s legacy and a family’s assets. As experienced tax consultants and trust and estate practitioners, ETC Tax provide advice on managing potential inheritance tax liabilities, including ensuring the conditions for valuable reliefs (such as business property relief (BPR) and agricultural property relief (APR)) are satisfied and that your clients maximise the wealth that they pass to the next generation and realise their estate planning goals.


Crypto assets

An area of some uncertainty, the taxation of crypto assets, including cryptocurrency poses new challenges for many. ETC Tax has taken the time to really understand this fast-developing area; and we are already working with a number of individuals, (both in the UK and overseas) to assist them, first and foremost, with the analysis of their crypto activities, but also in calculating their tax liability and in disclosing that liability to HMRC (or the overseas tax authorities) in the most appropriate way.

Voluntary disclosures

HMRC has at their hands more and more sources of information meaning that the likelihood of tax irregularities going unnoticed has never been less. ETC Tax are experienced with HMRC disclosure opportunities and can assist with bringing up to date outstanding historic tax liabilities, helping to develop a disclosure strategy, minimising penalties and liaising with HMRC throughout the process to agree liabilities.


Trusts offer a flexible means of managing assets and provide a useful tool for asset protection and estate planning. ETC Tax advise settlors, beneficiaries and trustees and their professional advisers on the tax implications of establishing, managing and winding up trusts in the UK and offshore.

Family investment companies

ETC Tax have extensive experience on the establishment of family investment companies. These companies provide an attractive alternative to family trusts for inheritance tax and estate planning, potentially sidestepping the inheritance tax charge that can arise on the establishment of a trust while still providing a means of continuing to exercise control over assets.



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