Planning an Exit

It’s never too early to start thinking about your exit from your business. Doing so now will enable you to take maximum control and derive maximum value from the transaction that results in your exit.

How your business is structured, its tax position, whether you are selling business assets or selling shares, or maximising available tax benefits such as Entrepreneurs Relief and Business Property Relief. These will all impact both the attractiveness of your business to potential purchasers and your tax exposure resulting from an exit.

Plan for your exit now to maximise value and minimise tax.

Ensure your exit plan will help you meet your future lifestyle, income and security objectives and consider wider asset management and planning at the same time.

HMRC Shine a Spotlight on Phoenixing Provisions

HMRC Put a Spotlight on Phoenixing HMRC have published their new spotlight (47) expressing their discontent with schemes that seek to bypass the targeted anti-avoidance legislation commonly referred to as 

2019 Negligible Value Claims; CGT, EIS (SEIS) & Loss Relief

Negligible Value Claims 2019 – The Facts The sale of company shares and other assets for more than their purchase price will generally give rise to a charge to capital 

Aardman Founders Sell to Employee Ownership Trust

The Right Structure for the The Wrong Trousers: Aardman founders sell to Employee Ownership Trust Aardman Animation are pioneers of stop-motion animation, the creators of international icons of modern British 

Tax reliefs: killing tax’s sacred cows?

Tax reliefs: killing tax’s sacred cows? Introduction As announced in the Summer, taxpayers are going to be asked to pay for a £20bn injection in to the NHS by 2023. 

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