Patent Box qualification


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Patent Box qualification


Patent Box is an attractive relief for qualifying companies with qualifying IP.

There are primarily two areas to consider:

  • Does the IP qualify?
  • Does the Company qualify?

We consider both areas below.

What IP qualifies?

The relevant income needs to arise in respect of a patent granted by:

Other than that, patents issued in other countries – for example in US – do not qualify for Patent Box relief.

Qualifying Companies


The Company must also meet two main conditions:

  • Ownership Condition; and
  • Development condition

Ownership condition

The IP must be under:

  • Current ownership – In other words, the Company owns the qualifying IP or has an exclusive licence to it in an area; or
  • In some cases, where it was previously owned – and was in the patent box when the Company previously owned it / had the exclusive licence.

There is a further condition – the ‘active ownership condition’ that must be satisfied for claims by a group company

Development condition

The second condition is that the Company must satisfy the development condition.

Here, it must have either:

  • Created or significantly contributed to the creation of the IP; or
  • Performed a significant amount of activity for the purpose of developing the IP


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