Non Resident

Just because you are not resident in the UK doesn’t mean that you won’t be subject to UK taxation. UK income and gains arising whilst you are not resident in the UK may still be subjected to UK taxation.

Other countries have their own ways of deciding on what basis they levy taxes which in some cases can be similar to the UK but in others may be completely different. It is therefore important that you seek advice in regards to your UK taxation as failing to report and pay tax on your income could lead to penalties

An individual’s liability to tax in the UK depends largely on their residence and domicile status. Non residents typically only have to pay UK taxation on their UK income and some gains on UK assets.

HMRC Opens Consultation on SDLT Surcharge for Non Residents

Consultation on a new SDLT surcharge applicable to non-residents purchasing UK residential property HMRC has opened a consultation in relation to the design of an additional stamp duty land tax 

Transactions in UK land: HMRC guidance has landed

Transactions in UK land – overview The new rules are HMRC’s answer to the thorny question as to how to prevent non-residents from shielding trading profits from UK tax using 

Budget 2016: Property development – Osborne puts a stop to the property development tax treaty ‘shop’

A non-UK company is only subject to corporation tax on a UK based trade or from profits attributable to a Permanent Establishment (PE). This meant that if a non-UK resident property 

UK property investment by non-UK resident investors: Part two – Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

How it used to be To state the basics, SDLT is a tax that is levied on the Purchaser. It is applied to the acquisition of interests in land (for example freehold and 

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