As a Tax Adviser, Thomas advises clients on a broad range of tax enquiries, his experience includes private client tax, tax investigations and settlements; residence and domicile issues, restructuring and crypto assets.

Thomas particularly enjoys writing, and is a regular contributor to the ETC Tax newsletter, blog and Knowledge Centre. He is currently studying for the Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) and Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualifications.

Life before ETC Tax

Thomas read law as an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham and later as a postgraduate at University College London.

During his postgraduate study, Thomas focused primarily on tax law, professional regulation, M&A and financial restructuring. He also undertook a dissertation on the legal and professional duties of Chartered Tax Advisers, solicitors and barristers working in tax.

Why a career in tax?

I have always enjoyed the multi-disciplinary nature of tax, which often cuts across commerce, politics and law; and the fact that tax is constantly evolving.

Alongside this, tax in an advisory context provides a constant stream of complex, intricate and unique challenges, a variety of practical hurdles and quite often, very interesting clients.

Overall, this keeps me engaged and motivated in my day to day work.

My best (and worst) bits

Although seemingly impossible, I always set out to learn absolutely everything relating to each piece of work that I undertake. This may often mean that I am chasing my tail to catch up. However, the extra knowledge and experience that I gain now, will hopefully enable my career to develop holistically, and to a greater extent as it continues.

Three words to describe ETC

Cohesive, Practical, Professional.

Alternative career choice

England cricketer