As a Senior Manager, Paul has responsibility for the delivery of tax advice across ETC’s broad and varied client base.

Paul heads up our Corporate service line, and has a particular interest in corporate transactions, restructuring and employee incentives.

Life before ETC Tax

After leaving university, Paul joined what was then the Inland Revenue. Leaving the Inland Revenue, he worked for a couple of Big 4 Accountancy firms before moving to specialist tax boutiques and ultimately to heading up the tax department of a large Cheshire based tax practice.

Why a career in tax?

I suspect like many others I never had a burning desire to be a tax professional and slipped into tax after university. However, I soon found the tax world to be fascinating; the technical challenges of understanding what is mostly detailed legislation with extensive tax case law is balanced by the practical and tactical issues involved in working with HMRC, and the commerical issues of clients, which makes for a varied and challenging professional life.

My best (and worst) bits

By nature, I am inquisitive. I enjoy talking to entrepreneurs and understanding how their businesses work. Understanding the business and the owner’s aspirations and objectives helps to form the overall tax strategy and its important to build this around the client and their personal and commerical objectives.

My worst bits…

Three words to describe ETC

Smart; Nimble; Pragmatic

Alternative career choice

Something to do with water – captain of a large luxury yacht.