As Office Manager and Team Administrator, Andrea has responsibility for all client compliance administration, such as producing and issuing engagement letters and carrying out anti-money laundering checks.   She is the first point of contact for clients phoning in and visiting the office.

Andrea also supports the directors and the wider tax team in managing their diaries and assisting with their admin. She is responsible for all facilities management across our locations.

Life before ETC Tax

Before joining ETC, Andrea’s previous roles were within a Global Pharmaceutical company, working in variety of departments over a number of years, such as R&D, HR and Business Development. She provided a personal assistant service to senior VPs located both in the UK and Worldwide.

Why a career in admin?

Having attended college in Northwich where ICI was the main employer, all students were encouraged to take their aptitude test for potential employment with the company. After passing that I was put forward for an interview and was offered a job as a Junior Secretary and from there I progressed up the ranks in the admin world to supporting senior VPs and Leadership Teams. There was no need to leave the company for a change of scenery, as you could apply for a job in a different department or a different location to gain more experience and get a fresh challenge.

My best (and worst) bits

I believe I am a loyal and honest (sometimes too honest) hardworking member of the team. If you have my respect I will go above and beyond to support you but if you don’t then watch out!

I’m probably a little too quick to form opinions, and once I have an idea in my head it’s difficult to change my mind.

Three words to describe ETC

Committed, knowledgeable, ambitious

Alternative career choice

In a different life I would have become a landscape gardener and run my own business.