London reward planning & incentives seminar held by Enterprise Tax Consultants (“ETC”)


Sharon Collier

An experienced Chartered Tax Adviser and Trust and Estate Practitioner, Sharon joined ETC Tax in September 2016.

London reward planning & incentives seminar

Thank you to the professional business advisers who came along to our seminar entitled Reward planning & incentives: past, present and future held at Home House, London on 16th March.

For those who were not able to make the seminar, our director Andy Wood started of the presentation by showcasing ETC’s tax planning services and areas of expertise – to find out more about this please visit our website.

Andy went on to talk about the history of ‘Disguised Remuneration,’ where these rules currently impact and the proposed changes. He then spoke about the new April 2019 Loan Charge which will apply to disguised remuneration loans outstanding at April 2019, regardless of whether one is within the existing disguised remuneration employed, close company or self-employed gateway, who’s on the hook and exclusions.

Andy then went on to look at Murray Group Holdings case (Aka Rangers, aka Big Tax Case) looking at the issues raised and also, by staring in to his crystal (foot)ball, what might happen come win or lose for HMRC.

Sharon Collier from ETC then looked at Employee Ownership Trusts giving a well-received insight into the commercial benefits of using such arrangements and the associated Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Income tax benefits.

Sharon then moved on to Enterprise Management Incentives (“EMI”) discussing tax benefits, the qualifying conditions for the company and the employee and the reporting requirements.

Andy went on to briefly discuss some alternative reward and incentive planning.

Last but definitely not least, we were delighted to introduce Michael Paulin from 4-5 Grays Inn Square Chambers who concluded the seminar by giving us a great insight into HMRC powers and taxpayer rights.

Following on from the presentation if you would like any further information regarding reward or incentive planning or a meeting with ETC then please contact clare@etctax.co.uk.

Please note, we will be holding a similar event at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester on Thursday 30th March. Please contact us for more details.


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