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  • Wealth is not easily obtained, but can all too easily be put at risk if not carefully protected.

    Your estate will be as unique as you are. Family business interests, property portfolios, savings, investments, overseas assets.

    Estate planning is all too often considered to go hand in hand with inheritance tax planning and as such thought to be the preserve of people of a certain age.

    Effective estate planning can reduce exposure of assets to a multitude of threats such as divorce, separation and bankruptcy, as well as IHT planning to reduce tax liabilities for the second generation and beyond.

    Life events such as births, marriages, death and divorce can all have an impact and leave unprotected legacies.

    The earlier you can start to plan for succession and estate legacy the better. You will find there are more options open to you, allowing your more control over what happens to your estate on your death.

    It is vital that any estate planning strategy aligns to your wishes and specific circumstances, including the make-up of your estate. Therefore before you can undertake any planning you need to undertake a review of your estate, effectively to understand the starting point.

    This will effectively allow you to understand the make-up of your estate, highlight any areas of risk, potential exposure to IHT etc.

    Enterprise Tax Consultants can assist you in undertaking an estate review.

    This forms part of our wider services to private clients in relation to succession and estate planning.

    The review will form the basis of an estate planning strategy. We can also assist you in implementing any agreed plan, putting in place any trust arrangements etc..

    Once you have an estate plan in place, we would recommend reviewing it every two years and in response to key life event such as marriage, birth of a child, divorce, house purchase.

    This demands consideration of the full range of options available to enable your cash and assets to be protected and passed on as you wish.

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