What is ‘Ordinary Share Capital’? Types, Facts, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is ‘Ordinary Share Capital’? – Types of Ordinary Shares vs. Preference Shares, Premiums & Characteristics. As the poet, William Blake, once said, “hindsight is a wonderful thing, but foresight is better”. This particularly rings true when devising a corporate exit strategy and ensuring the applicability of Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) 

Creative Industries & Tax Reliefs; TV, Film, Video Games & Theatre

Creative Industries Tax Reliefs; Video Games, Film, TV & Theatre, Museum & Galleries With 2019 set to be another big year for films, video games and television with highly anticipated new releases and box office records to be broken, the creative industries are pushing itself to new heights. Recognising the 

Transfer of a Business to a Company (Incorporation)- The Tax Issues

Transfer of a business to a Company (incorporation) – the tax issues Introduction Incorporation, or the transfer of a business to a Company, involves the transfer of an existing business to a new or existing company. This will generally take place at market value (though if a trading business one 

Badges of trade: is there a trading activity?

Badges of trade: is there are trading activity? Introduction – badges of trade Do not confuse the ‘badges of trade’ with the ‘badgers of trade’. Whilst the latter is an organisation of mercantile woodland creatures, the former is a set of key indicators that are used to determine whether a 

Employee Ownership Trusts – Capital Gains & Inheritance Tax

Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs); Definitions & Examples… What is an EOT? A Definition by Example New legislation surrounding Employee Ownership Trusts were brought in under Finance Act 2014 with the aim to encourage more companies to adopt an indirect employee ownership model. Indirect employee ownership models aim to incentivize employees 

Employee Share Schemes; The Facts

EMPLOYEE SHARE SCHEMES – SHARING THE CAKE Employee share (option) schemes are often seen as a key component of the remuneration packages of employees working for listed companies. The fact that the companies are listed provides a regular market for the disposal of the shares (which are often subject to 

Agricultural Property Relief (APR) – Changes to IHT & Farms

Agricultural Property Relief: Don’t Take It For Granted Agricultural property relief (APR) provides a hugely valuable relief from inheritance tax for land used for agriculture. As such the securing and preservation of the availability of the relief is central to inheritance tax and estate planning for farms and other rural 

Raising the Stakes – The Benefits of Employee Ownership

The benefits of employee ownership Whilst times of economic uncertainty create business stress and no little anxiety, they arguably also concentrate the mind on the things which help businesses succeed.  It is the sort of thinking which is much needed regardless of wider commercial circumstances but sometimes only becomes an 

Top Ten Types of Tax Structures

Introduction – top ten types of tax structures The UK has a myriad of different types of tax structures. These are invariably taxed in different ways meaning it may be more tax efficient to enter into a commercial transaction or an investment through a particular entity. In addition, there are various 

Tax allowances for property and trading income introduced from 6 April 2017

Two new annual tax allowances for  property and trading income for individuals of £1,000 each will take effect from the tax year 2017/18. The new tax allowances for property and trading income cover all of an individual’s relevant income (before expenses) then they will no longer have to declare or pay