Bullish Bitcoin – A Sting in the Crypto (Tax) Tail

The Current Environment – Crypto & Bitcoin Taxes 2020 The end of July saw a resurgence in the value Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies off the back of various influences including 

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day

What?! Exactly 10 years ago, on 22 May 2010, bitcoin was used for the first time to buy a product. A US computer programmer, Laszlo Hanyecz, decided to use some 

HMRC and cryptocurrency

Clearly, the tax position for cryptocurrency is a developing area – in terms of technology, regulation and, as if by magic, taxation. Developing areas, as well as creating opportunities, can 

CGT and cryptocurrency

As stated in one of our other video blogs, the tax treatment of crypto depends on your activity rather than the fact that you are dealing in crypto per se. 


Cryptocurrency is a fast-developing area in terms of technology, regulation, law and tax. ETC has been at the frontline of this fast-developing area of tax. Working where other firms have 

Taxation of Crypto Assets: Updated HMRC Guidance

HMRC Updates its Guidance on the Taxation of Crypto Assets. Originally published in December 2018, the revised guidance includes a new section on the location of exchange token and is 

Capital Losses on Crypto Assets – Frauds, Thefts & Faked Deaths

Frauds, thefts and faked deaths: capital losses on crypto assets When reports first appeared in February 2019 that Gerald Cotton, CEO of Quadriga CX, a cryptoasset exchange, had died, online 

Crypto Asset Tax: The New HMRC Guidance

Crypto asset tax : The New HMRC Guidance Update… In December 2018, HMRC released their long-awaited policy paper on the appropriate tax treatment of cryptoassets. This being HMRC’s second paper 

Bitcoin, Cryptoasset & Taxation; Where is the Blockchain?

While it was ten years at the end of October since Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper conceiving of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, it was only in mid-2017 that Bitcoin 

UK Cryptocurrency Taxation; Trading, Gifting, Gambling & HMRC

The Taxation of Cryptocurrency & Tax Efficient Cryptocurrency. One Year On… The cryptocurrency boom of autumn 2017 saw an explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and related technologies and has 

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