R&D Relief

Creative Industries & Tax Reliefs; TV, Film, Video Games & Theatre

Creative Industries Tax Reliefs; Video Games, Film, TV & Theatre, Museum & Galleries With 2019 set to be another big year for films, video games and television with highly anticipated new releases and box office records to be broken, the creative industries are pushing itself to new heights. Recognising the 

R&D Tax Relief Claims for Software Developers

When it comes to R&D Tax Relief, software development is one area which has historically been challenging for both companies and advisers. Identifying whether a project qualified for relief could be difficult. Whilst it is easy sometimes to overlook “the other side of the fence”, these types of claims also 

Tax reliefs: killing tax’s sacred cows?

Tax reliefs: killing tax’s sacred cows? Introduction As announced in the Summer, taxpayers are going to be asked to pay for a £20bn injection in to the NHS by 2023. Rumour has it that, where possible, this will take the form of a paring back of tax reliefs rather than 

What are the R&D Tax Credit Rates?

Which R&D tax credit rates apply to your business?  In a modern economy, many businesses are investing time, effort and money on Research & Development (R&D) to further their trade and give themselves an edge in competitive markets. R&D reliefs are a tax relief designed to encourage greater R&D spending, 

Research and Development Tax Credits for SMEs

Research and development tax credits are by far the most attractive form of corporation tax relief for SMEs. Despite the potential for lucrative financial benefit, statistics abound that R&D relief is hugely undersubscribed by UK SMEs. The reasons for this often include: Definition of innovation Businesses may not be aware 

Does your Company Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

R&D tax credits are theoretically open to companies across all sectors – it’s the nature of the innovation rather than the nature of the business which has to meet the requirements. R&D tax credits are a form of tax relief 
used by the Government to incentivise investment by UK companies 

R&D: Research, Relief & a Lack of Awareness

R&D: Research, Relief & a Lack of Awareness In recent years, Britain has become fertile ground for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Last year, in fact, the number of new companies formed was a new record with more than 650,000 businesses set up. A considerable proportion of those are relatively small