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Sharon Collier

An experienced Chartered Tax Adviser and Trust and Estate Practitioner, Sharon joined ETC Tax in September 2016.

Inheritance Tax planning is a key part of protecting your personal balance sheet from financial ‘predators’.

With a standard rate of 40% above the personal allowance of £325,000, without effective planning, Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) has the potential to take a considerable proportion of an individual’s legacy and a family’s assets.

How you structure your assets now will determine what happens to your legacy after you are gone. But IHT is complex. The impact on your loved ones could be life-changing – for better or for worse. Do nothing and you lose control over who benefits from what and when.

Addressing the issue early and on your own terms could help you legitimately reduce your IHT liability and ensure your loved ones benefit from your legacy in the way you intend.

We can help

As experienced tax consultants, ETC provide Inheritance Tax planning advice to individuals, couples and families to reduce IHT liability while remaining HMRC compliant.

We can draw upon a range of estate protection measures to help you meet your goals and minimise your tax liability.

One of the key objectives of Inheritance Tax planning is to legitimately limit your IHT liability and maximise the amount your intended beneficiaries receive. We can draw upon a range of estate protection measures to help you do this.  This may include a combination of family trusts, gifts and wills to suit your individual circumstances.

We recommend reviewing your Inheritance Tax planning every two years, and following any significant life event such as births, marriages, separation and house purchases, to ensure your plans remain effective in meeting your wishes.

We also offer specialist expertise in working with families who are internationally mobile in their personal or business dealings and international families.

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