Gladstones Solicitors Letter – Enforcing ‘Debt’ Owed to FS Capital, Felicitas Solutions



Gladstones Solicitors letter – enforcing ‘debt’ owed to FS Capital, Felicitas Solutions

Received a Gladstones Solicitors Letter?

Have you received a letter from Gladstones Solicitors attempting to enforce a ‘debt’ which is purportedly owed to FS Capital or Felicitas Solutions?

The back story is that you, knowingly or unknowingly, entered in to a contractor loan scheme with IQ, Garraway, Sanzar or a number of other similar and sometimes associated avoidance schemes.

You have probably either settled with HMRC or are waiting to see how the loan charge plays out following Sir Amyas Morse’s recent review. You may have also, alternatively or in addition, under HMRC enquiry and have received Accelerated Payment Notices (“APNs”).

As such, this letter will have added to your financial stress.

What is this letter talking about?

The basis for the claim is that the trustee of the contractor loan scheme (for example ECS International Trustees or Professional Independent Trustees Limited) has purportedly assigned its debt book to FS Capital and / or Felicitas Solutions (“purported new owner”).

As the purported new owners of the loan book, FS Capital and / or Felicitas Solutions are attempting to extract a payment from you. Generally, this is a demand for interest on the loan or loans originally advanced.

No real evidence of the assignment of the debt is provided with the letters.

We have seen similar attempts from Helpline Services Limited.

Gladstones Solicitors letter – what to do?

We have grave misgivings about the events surrounding this letter and the purported transfer of we would urge you to discuss the matter. Do NOT pay this amount without first obtaining proper advice.

As such, we are happy to respond to this first letter for you as part of our pro-bono scheme.


<center**If you would like our assistance please email us only on enquiries@etctax.co.uk with your details and a copy of the letter(s)**


If you have any queries about this article or would like any assistance in responding to the letter you have received from Felicitas Solutions or FS Capital, then please email us at enquiries@etctax.co.uk



  • Letter received from Felicitas

  • Adrian Long / Reply

    Back in 2012 I was working as a contractor and for a period used Darwin Trust on the isle of man who paid me in loans.
    Basically they invoiced the company I worked for and paid me 85% of the invoice as a loan.
    Darwin Trust appear to have sold on the debt to Felicitas and the new people are asking for interest payments.
    Gladstones have written to me and they want payment.
    The sum is £72,000
    They want in interest £6,370.63 by 28th Feb
    They have offered to settle the debt entirely for £9681.76

    Is there any advice you can give on this ?

  • Hi
    Between September 2010 and July 2011, I worked as a contractor and used Sanzar as my umbrella company to take care of the finances. They then transferred to Garraway Trust in the isle of man who are saying they paid me in loans (my own salary earned was paid to me and now they are calling it loans)
    I received a letter from Felicitas stating they are now the new lenders (??-never knew I had ever borrowed any money from them).
    Gladstones Solicitors have sent me a letter and they want payment.
    The debt on the letter states £50,547.12
    Interest Payment demanded is £6,383.15
    Also they want monthly payment of £61.70
    They have offered to settle the debt entirely for £6065.65

    I all honesty I dont get any of this.
    I have no recollection of signing for any loans. Sanzar & Garraway mucked up and I was chased by HMRC to pay the tax on so called disguised remuneration. I settled my affairs with HMRC in full.

    Saying that the loan debt to be written off by a payment of £6k is hard to believe. Surely there is a catch somewhere and I dont believe it will leave me until I get to the bottom of this.

    What should be my next steps. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  • Dear team,

    My situation is “Exactly” like that described by Adrina on the 21st of February.

    Back in 2012, I worked as a contractor and used Darwin Trust who paid me loans.

    The total value of debt is circa 50k but they have offered to settle if I pay £6000 by 20th February 2020.

    Please advise on how to go about this.


    • Hi Femi

      Thanks for your email.

      We have been inundated with responses to this service. Please forgive the impersonal nature but we have set out a new procedure so we can help as many people as possible.

      This can be found at:


      There are two routes:

      1. Do it yourself – we provide an editable version of the response to Gladstone’s. Edit where indicated and send to Gladstone’s on a recorded delivery basis; or
      2. We can assist you – however, you will need to complete and sign the authority letter to enable us to speak to them which, again, is provided on the website.

      Both options are at our cost.

      Hope this is clear.

      Kind regards

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