Felicitas Solutions & FS Capital – letter calling in your loans

Felicitas Solutions & FS Capital – calling in your loans


Felicitas Solutions & FS capital – letters


Have you received a letter from either Felicitas Solutions or FS capitalattempting to recall a ‘debt’ or offer to release such a loan if you make them a payment?


This is likely to be the first you have ever heard of these companies.


The back story is that you, knowingly or unknowingly, entered in to a contractor loan scheme with IQ, Garraway, Sanzar or a number of other similar and sometimes associated contractor avoidance schemes.


You may well have settled any dispute with HMRC on the basis that these loans should be taxed as earnings or. Alternatively, you are waiting to see how the loan charge develops between now and Royal Assent of FB2020 following Sir Amyas Morse’s recent review.


Alternatively, or additionally, you may also be under HMRC enquiry for your affairs and may have received an Accelerated Payment Notices (“APNs”) in relation to these schemes.


As such, this letter will have no doubt added to your financial stress.


What is this letter talking about?


The basis for their claim is that they say the original provider of the loan scheme – for example ECS International Trustees or Professional Independent Trustees – has assigned their book of debt to them.


FS Capital and / or Felicitas Solutions, as the purported new owner, are now looking for repayment of the loan or offering a ‘loan busting’ scheme.


Despite these assertions, in the letters we have seen, there is no supporting evidence that any assignment of the debt has taken place.


We have seen previous versions of this exercise conducted through an entity called Helpline Services Limited. This entity is now in active strike off at Companies House.


What should I do?


We have serious concerns and question about the events as allegedly set out. As such, we would urge you to discuss the matter as soon as possible with a professional.


Certainly, do NOT pay this amount without first obtaining proper advice.


Due to our concerns about this development we are happy to commit some of our time to respond to this first letter on your behalf as part of our pro-bono scheme.


If you have any queries about this article or would like any assistance in responding to the letter you have received from Felicitas Solutions or FS Capital, then please get in touch.


  • Imran Hussain / Reply

    I would like some advice about the letter I received from Felicitas Solutions last week. My contact number is 07887712348.


  • dave carron / Reply

    Dear Andy,
    I have today received one of the letters you refer to. This presumably relates to my participation in the Winchester Scheme in 2013-14 tax year. Full settlement has been reached with HMRC.

    I would like to discuss the letter I received and take your professional advice on how to proceed.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dave Carron

  • Melvin barks / Reply

    Hi just received a letter from felicitas solutions telling me i have a debt -loan from 2015 of £689.96 this was paid has a loan on wages i had earned, this his the first contact off iq consulting/felicitas over this matter can you point me in the right direction?
    Thanks melvin barks

  • Alícia Gomez / Reply

    I have received a letter from Felicia it’s Solutions requesting £25,600 on behalf of Winchester Trust.
    They had never provided any loans, it was a fake scheme, our money was washed three their accounts and will send it back indicating is a loan, when I have never received a loan, I want to reported to the FCA and the HRMC on their fraud scheme requesting alleging loans when it was our own money going in and out of their accounts.
    They need to be prosecuted
    Best regards

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