Entrepreneurs Relief – Signpost


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Entrepreneurs Relief – Signpost

Entrepreneurs Relief is an incredibly attractive capital gains tax relief (“CGT”) that applies on the disposal of certain business assets.

Where there is a disposal of assets which qualifies for the relief then the effective rate of tax is 10% against the usual, normal top rate of CGT of 20%.

ER has increasingly come under scrutiny by Think Tanks and now political parties as we head in to General Election 2019. Are its days numbered?

For our full and detailed articles, tax help & advice regarding Entrepreneurs Relief then please see below…

All articles updated following Budget 2020.


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** Entrepreneurs Relief & Trading Companies

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** Entrepreneurs Relief Sale of Business / Part of a Business


If you, or your clients, are considering disposing of any business assets then we would recommend obtaining tax advice in advance of such a transaction as relief might be secured with some pre-sale planning.



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