We consider that the wellbeing of all of our people as something that is extremely important to us at ETC Tax.

Wellness initiatives includes:

Safety, comfort and promoting a work life balance

Ensuring that our team of people are working safely and comfortably within their working environment and are provided with the necessary guidelines for safe working practices.  We conduct workstation and home working risk assessments in order to check that people are set up to work safely and comfortably.  We promote a better work life balance through operating schemes such as flexible working and home working.

Mental Health awareness and support

We are aware of the importance of mental health and encourage a working environment where the team is continually made aware of mental health at work and are encouraged to consider and take care of their own mental health and also to be supportive of their colleagues should they notice someone who seems down and look to offer encouragement and moral support.  We have training sessions on things like resilience and how to be more positive and mindful with useful tips on how to manage emotions and build strength through various tools or useful tips that can help people cope with stress and other mental health issues.  We encourage positive engagement and encourage optimism in the team, through relationship building exercises such as team away days to take part in activities outside of work and to ensure everyone feels part of the team so there is a sense of connectedness.  We send a positive message out at start of each day to the team to help inspire and motivate our people.  During Covid-19 we sent out a care package to everyone in the team with a positive note and thank you for their hard work and in recognition of them having to work remotely from home to spread some positive cheer.

Exercise and vitality

Each week we provide a selection of free fresh fruit for our team to enjoy and to encourage good nutrition with a healthy portion of their ‘5 a day’ whilst in the office. We have water cooler in the office and send a reminder to encourage our people to keep hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day whilst at work to get the recommended daily quota of 6-8 glasses.

We encourage people to take regular breaks from the screen and to go for a walk at lunch times to stretch their legs and get out of the office.

Celebrate our peoples’ achievements and develop their skills

We love to celebrate and make mention of new skills and achievements of our team members. We also recognise excellence through our ETC Tax Excellence scheme to recognise and reward our people for the outstanding contributions that they make. We want our people to feel valued and for them to understand how they fit into the business and know how each of their individual roles play an important part in the business and make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to share in our success as a business. We also encourage training and personal development to enable them to develop their own skills and experience to help them progress in their careers.

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