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  • Tara Soobhug

    HR Manager

    ‘Working at ETC Tax has really helped me build my confidence and self esteem, it has been great to work for an employer that trusts and empowers me to take ownership in my role.’

    ‘Before I started at ETC Tax, I had been through a difficult time as I had recently recovered from a significant illness and had not been able to work for 6 months. Unfortunately, because of my illness I had to leave my previous role as I was unable to reduce my hours. I was therefore looking for a role that offered part time hours with an understanding and supportive firm. I found absolutely everything I was looking for from an employer in ETC Tax. They were understanding and supportive and still took me on despite my previous long-term illness. I was so grateful to be employed by an employer that truly cared and that could also recognise the value I could bring to the business despite my limitations in the hours I was able to work.’

    ‘Since starting my temporary role at ETC Tax my employment was extended and I was given the opportunity to be made a permanent member of the team as a HR Manager.’

    ‘I really enjoy my role at ETC Tax and I feel I am able to make a difference as being a HR Manager here is made easy in comparison to other companies I have worked for, by the fact that the company directors and management team are heavily invested in their people and see HR as a priority for the business. For me this is really inspiring and encouraging and enables me to be more effective in my role which is all about our people and how we can look to continually improve our Human Resource Management to make ETC Tax an even better place to work.’

    ‘There is a real strong sense of team here and I feel like ETC Tax is a family, as we all work collaboratively to support and encourage each other which makes for a fantastic and enjoyable working environment.’