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  • Sarah Aston

    Marketing Coordinator

    ‘My background has always been primarily in Marketing, however with the larger firm I was previously working for I found working and having children was not easy. There was no flexibility which in turn lost me my job. After a few years as a stay at home mum I saw an opportunity in ETC Tax for a part-time marketing role. At the interview stage I realised that at ETC promoting work life balance was very important to them, which was vital to me with 2 young children.’

    ‘Two years on and I have increased my hours but still work these flexibly around my family life, which in the past has been difficult in other employment. My role has developed greatly in the time I have been employed with ETC Tax, which has taken me from assisting in the marketing department to coordinating many aspects of the role, but I still am still able to fit this round my other job as a mother.   The senior management team are always keen to get the team involved with projects and actively encourage empowerment.’

    ‘For me working here has restored my faith that you can work but have the flexibility to be there for your family and not miss out on class assemblies and parents’ evenings which I see a lot with other parents. The job will always be delivered on time and to the best of my ability, but this is helped significantly by a good working relationship, understanding of the outside factors and the encouragement of a work life balance.’