Capital Gains Tax Advice

Capital Gains is a pervasive UK tax. Selling an asset at a gain will usually trigger Capital Gains Tax, but relief is also widely available. If you are liable to Capital Gains Tax, you will be eligible for the annual tax-free allowance (“Annual Exempt Amount”), which allows you to make a certain amount of gain each year before you have to pay tax.

Limit your liability through capital gains tax advice on the full range of reliefs available to taxpayers.

Losses, losses, losses

Capital losses – shares and loans – what can I claim? As a result of the current economic situation, many individuals will have realised capital losses in respect of their 

CGT and cryptocurrency

As stated in one of our other video blogs, the tax treatment of crypto depends on your activity rather than the fact that you are dealing in crypto per se. 

Capital Gains Tax

  Perhaps stating the obvious, if one sells an asset at a profit then it will usually trigger aCapital Gains Tax That said, some assets are not chargeable assets at 

New 30-day CGT Payment Deadline for UK Residential Property

Don’t Get Caught Out – New 30 Day CGT Payment Deadline – April 2020 There are important developments for landlords who hold property in their own names – or might 

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