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  • Seminar on Property Tax planning for investors, developers & everyone in between

    25 February 2016

    Andy Wood

    Property Tax planning for investors,
    developers & everyone in between

    Thursday 24th March 2016

    Great John Street Hotel, Great John Street, Manchester, M3 4FD


    Good afternoon,

    I’d like to personally invite you to our property tax seminar that will be held on Thursday 24th March 2016 at the Great John Street Hotel, Manchester.

    Topics will include:

    • Should a property investor incorporate following recent tax changes?
    • Non-UK resident property investors
    • Planning for property developers
    • The new capital distribution rules and impact on property developers
    • Pensions and property

    If you would like to join us for the seminar and, hopefully, for a drink afterwards then please RSVP to Clare Main via

    For those who cannot attend we will be holding a similar event in London in the coming months.

    *** RSVP and book your place now! ***
    Enterprise Tax Centre: Your tax partner

    We are a specialist tax advisory business that specialises in working with other professional firms including accountants, lawyers, financial advisers and other tax firms.

    Our senior advisers are highly qualified and have spent most of their careers at the Big 4, international accounting firms and law firms.

    Some of our areas of specialisation are:

    • International families – non doms and / or non-UK resident persons;
    • Profit extraction planning and use of surplus cash;
    • Structuring of a new or existing trading or investment business;
    • Planning to mitigate Capital Gains Tax (CGT);
    • Inheritance Tax (IHT) and estate planning (including asset protection);
    • Non-UK resident persons investing in the UK;
    • Advice in relation to trusts, settlements and other structures such as Family Investment Companies (FICs);
    • Property tax advice;
    • R&D tax credits and Capital Allowances;
    • Review of third party ‘schemes’ and help with Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs).

    We have vast experience working with fellow professional advisers, enabling them to help their clients achieve their business goals and take advantage of opportunities to maximise value for clients.

    If you have any queries on this event or Property Tax planning in general then please let us know.

    Kind regards,
    Andy Wood