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  • Overseas Expansion Advice

    11 October 2017

    Expanding overseas remains high on the UK business agenda, despite economic, political and social challenges across the globe.

    Where a UK business has plans to expand overseas, tax issues and opportunities are almost certainly going to arise.

    SMEs and entrepreneurs seeking to do business overseas need to understand, and prepare for, the nuances of conducting international business – including overseas tax planning and compliance.

    Rules and regulations vary by country and jurisdiction, and they are constantly changing.

    Regardless of where you choose to operate across the globe, it is a certainty that the local authorities will be focused on seeking a tax contribution from your business.

    We are here to help

    ETC supports UK businesses and entrepreneurs across a range of sectors and industries to expand their activities beyond the borders of the UK.

    As experienced tax consultants, we advise on all aspects of international tax management and planning. The aim being to minimise the amount of tax payable on international profits, while ensuring adherence to local and international tax rules and obligations.

    We work with businesses from established multinationals through to start-ups and SMEs to help them structure their tax and financial strategies across multiple jurisdictions.

    We work with businesses to understand the objectives behind their plans for international growth and expansion.

    What are the key jurisdictions they are looking to develop in?

    Is there a desire to repatriate profits back to the UK?

    and what, if any, is the ultimate exit route?

    Whatever your commercial driver, effective international tax advice should act as a critical enabler for expanding overseas.

    We advise on the full range of international tax issues and other matters relating to expanding overseas. This will include designing international group structures; managing profits across borders; identifying suitable jurisdictions in which to hold intellectual property; advising on movement of staff and how funds might most efficiently be returned to shareholder.