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  • Expat Tax Advice

    11 October 2017

    Business is now a global affair and, as such, companies which operate cross-border are likely to have members of staff spending time in several different locations, requiring expatriate tax advice.

    One of the most pressing areas of risk involved in operating a globally-mobile workforce is ensuring compliance with the various tax laws and regulations wherever you are active.

    For international businesses, this means ensuring your employees are paying the right amount of tax, within the right jurisdictions at the right time.

    But keeping up to date with global tax regulations is a huge challenge for both companies and employees alike.

    Tax presents ongoing compliance risk for employers and tax issues can quickly become a source of real stress for employees – an unwanted distraction from the commercial objective of the overseas assignment.

    When you relocate an employee to another country, we can assist with all cross-border tax implications for both your business and your employee.

    As experienced tax consultants, ETC provide global tax compliance, tax planning and related policy advice to organisations and individuals who work across international borders.

    We deliver expat tax services that help employers – ranging from international companies to fast-growing businesses, SMEs and start-ups – manage their global workforce. Our experience is in sectors as varied as technology, leisure, financial services, retail and construction.

    From the outset we work to understand our clients’ employee mobility strategy and overall corporate objectives to ensure our advice supports their organisational requirements.

    Operating at every stage of the assignment cycle, from planning through to repatriation, our specialists can help you manage the complex tax implications of deploying staff abroad or bringing overseas personnel to work in the UK.

    We have recently advised the London operation of one of the largest securities and derivatives brokers on the Moscow market in a number of areas; including the tax treatment of short-term business visitors, non-resident directors and tax equalisation.

    As specialists in this area, our advice also spans the full range of related tax services required by global business, such as global employee share schemes.

    Our international services also include advice to non-UK resident and/or non-domiciled individuals, trust and estate planning, in addition to expatriate tax services.